Account Free Funding

Free and secure account funding

As an investment brokerage, AlphaBeta FX appreciates that all transactions must be handled securely and precisely. Clients trust AlphaBeta FX to provide a robust service that will allow them to make an investment and execute trades on the market. In honor of this trust, and based on the AlphaBeta FX core values of Honesty, Openness, and Transparency, we do not impose any additional fees on transactions made for depositing funds to your trading accounts.

How to activate Free Account Funding?

There is no need to do anything because Free Account Funding is automatically provided to all Live Account clients. Just log in to AlphaBeta FXand fund your account normally by using your preferred deposit method.

Bank Wire Transfers are covered too!

Even though AlphaBeta FX does not apply any fees on deposits, your bank most likely will.

This is a significant advantage that we provide because it ensures that the funds you allocate to deposit to your Live trading account will result in the same amount indeed being credited to your account, thereby safeguarding your expected margin.

If you have not yet opened a Live Account, you can register by using our convenient online application form.