Trading Instruments Overview

AlphaBeta FX prides itself on the over all trading experience we provide to our clients worldwide.

Not only do we try to drive the lowest possible trading costs and superior execution, we want to offer a full product suite to meet all your trading needs. That’s why we offer currency pairs, metals such as gold and silver, commodities such as oil and natural gas as well as a wide range of major indices to trade across all of AlphaBeta FX’s multiple platforms.

With AlphaBeta’s trading instruments, there are so many opportunities to trade! The AlphaBeta FX Team is here to give you all the tools you need to take your trading experience to the next level!

About Forex Trading:

The lowest spreads in the market from 0 pips

Precious Metals:

Trade spot with no currency exposure


Diversify your portfolio using the widest range of instruments.

AlphaBeta FX facilitates clients the opportunity to trade forex, the most liquid asset class in the world, through our bespoke trading platforms. Clients can trade in many forex pairs including majors, minors, and exotics 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. AlphaBeta FX offers the tightest spread in the market, starting from 0 pips. Clients can select their own leverage upto 1:1000, with unlimited access to the largest liquidity providers.

AlphaBeta FX offers bespoke trading access to both precious and base metals at best-of-market spreads and spot execution without having additional foreign exchange exposure. Clients wishing to diversify their portfolio with trades in gold and silver can take advantage of the emergence of spot metals as a strong asset class. Benefiting from the industry`s best trading conditions.

AlphaBeta FX allows trading in energy markets with flexible leverage and minimum trade sizes and no commission. We offer major oil markets, provides access to the leading products in order to access the global oil market. Also on offer through our range of energy products is Natural Gas. All our energy trading instruments have minimum trade sizes.


Get the edge with less commissions and tight spreads

Commodity CFD's:

Exceptional trading opportunity with easy access to the commodities markets


Unique capability to offer Shares

Our Index CFDs have no hidden markups, low latency and no requotes across a vast array of major global stock indexes. Trading indices offer access to a whole range of new markets, meaning you are able to diversify your trading strategies as well as taking advantage of different opportunities across global equity markets.

Our Commodities present good diversification for traders since commodity prices are built around the moving and delivering of physical assets.  Traders enter an exciting market with suppliers, merchants and large buyers which protect their prices on future deliveries and lock in key strategic suppliers. At maturity, each ‘financial trade’ gives rise to the delivery of a commodity cargo somewhere in the world.

Trade over share CFDs from different exchanges from around the world, without owning the underlying asset. With lightning quick execution and leverage, you can profit from falling share prices as well as rising ones. In addition, clients are entitled to dividend and rights issues paid in cash, with fewer commissions.